Behind the Seams with Triarchy

Vinita SrivastavaBehind the Seams, FTA Blog

Triarchy is a brand that advocates a new model of sustainable, green-luxury denim manufacturing for both men and women.

We picked the brain of Ania Taubenfligel, one of the brilliant minds behind Triarchy, to find how they are securing a future for both denim and the planet.

Tell us about your brand – your vision, mission, guiding principles.

Triarchy is a brand that advocates a new model of sustainable, green-luxury denim manufacturing for both men and women. Launched in 2011 by myself and my two brothers in Canada, our company is dedicated to educating consumers about just how much water they are actually wearing.

Triarchy runs two collections: Triarchy Denim, sustainably sourced and manufactured, and Triarchy / Atelier Denim, a green-luxury collection of high-end, hand-made pieces using vintage denim and rare textiles.

How do your values shape your business?

Witnessing first-hand the amount of water needed to produce a pair of jeans has shaped our business. It was a big decision to change our entire business structure, and brand model, to focus entirely on educating consumers about the denim industries impact on our water. Once we made this decision, the shape of our business took its natural course. Now, we only work with manufacturers that adhere to our environmental and sustainable practices. Triarchy and Triarchy /Atelier Denim’s mission is a simple one: To conserve our planet’s most important resource by finding new ways to educate consumers; to reduce the massive water consumption in the manufacturing practices of our planet’s most popular piece of clothing — jeans.

What is your personal relationship to fashion/clothing?

My relationship with fashion stems from Art History — the evolution of clothing and style. I have always found it fascinating. I love that it gives people an outlet to express themselves. 

What or who inspires you?

My mother was my first inspiration and is still number one on my list. Second to her, I would say travel, adventure, family, friends and love inspire me everyday. 

What or who has impacted your life the most and why?

My brother Adam. He’s taught me so much and has helped shaped me into the person I am today. He told me that life begins at the end of my comfort zone, and I’ve lived by that since.

What or who do you look to for style cues and why?

I find I look to an array of people and time periods for my style. It would be difficult for me to pick just one. Currently, I would have to say Ricky Lauren and Blake Lively. 

When you think of the future of sustainable fashion what do you see and what excites you the most?

I think we are on the cusp of such an exciting time. The technological advances and scientific innovations in regards to sustainability are really taking off. The most exciting concept: that we can live in a world that runs completely on a closed loop production system. 

What is one thing few people know about you (that you care to share)?

That I used to be the shopper I am now trying to educate. I hate admitting it, but I used to be the fast-fashion shopper. However, when I saw first hand the devastating results the fashion industry has on our planet, and the people who make the clothes, I couldn’t ignore it. I could not and would not turn a blind eye; instead, I decided I would try and educate other consumers like me, who had no concept of their impact. Which brings me to where I am today.