Meet Design Forward Semi-Finalist Bronwyn Seier


Last but not least, we present the 10th Design Forward semi-finalist Bronwyn Seier, who will be competing against 9 other sustainable designers in our runway show for a prize valued at $50,000!

What is your design inspiration?

My creative drive comes from being able to tell stories that illustrate my point of view and investigate issues that really matter. Fashion is the perfect medium through which to tell stories because it is often overlooked as an art form. I also think that many people don’t realize how much communication and social significance exists in what we wear. So it’s very inspiring to try and get an audience to look at both the necessity and frivolity of clothing in a new light.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?

I have a panty in my collection (see above) embroidered with the phrase, “80% of garment factories are women”. Through my exploration into the ethics of fashion, this statistic gets thrown around a lot. I wanted to emphasize its significance by placing the words on intimate apparel; to reinforce the reality that fast fashion is at odds with feminism is every way.

Tell us about your morning routine…

I’m not much of a routine person, but my morning without fail begins with my alarm going off at least 3 times, 5 minutes apart, before I’m out of bed. Then, I take iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and oregano oil, because I really, really don’t believe in getting sick. Before I leave my place, I download the New York Times podcast, and on Tuesdays, the 2 Dope Queens podcast, which is the best one out there. I conveniently live right in between 2 Jimmy’s coffees, so my morning always involves grabbing caffeine at either one, depending on whether I’m heading to work or school.

What makes your collection sustainable?

This collection uses a variety of sustainable materials from fair trade silk to dead stock fabric. It’s also made in Toronto, mostly by me. Even more, I hope to send a message about fashion sustainability and responsible consumption through the aesthetics of the garments, themselves. The garments are hand embroidered, and take aim at issues like dye runoff, offshore production, and elevating the value of craftsmanship through words and visuals that embellish them.

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