Meet Design Forward Semi-Finalist Lisa Aviva


Only a few days left to get your tickets to Design Forward! This week’s first semi-finalist feature is on Toronto based Lisa Aviva.

1. What is your design inspiration?

My inspiration is the elevated beauty of the everyday.

2. What is your favourite piece from your collection? why?

My favourite piece from the collection is the Lined Moto Jacket – it has the fit of a tailored woven jacket worn with the ease of a knit. Constructed of natural fibres, it feels substantial yet keeps you cool. And the shape’s versatility allows for it to be worn with jeans on the weekend, or with a skirt as a work suit.

3. Tell us about your morning routine

While I am a pretty private person, I can say that not much happens before espresso – which I make in the fabulous colourful Bialetti I purchased on my last trip to Milan. Inspiration is inevitable!

4. What makes your collection sustainable?

Sustainability is the premise upon which Lisa Aviva was built:

  • We reduce our impact on the environment. Given the choice of ordering mass quantities, we prefer to minimize waste by ordering smaller quantities from local manufacturers.
  • We are committed to slow fashion. Honouring tradition and heritage clothing and accessories, our garments last for years, not days or months.​
  • We value the knowledge and experience of our artists, believing that every relationship is reciprocal. A collaboration based on mutual respect enhances the collective experience.
  • We choose to partner with other small businesses in the many stages of developing a collection, especially those committed to sustainable models.
For more information on Design Forward 2017 and to get your tickets before it’s too late click here