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Kelly Drennan:

This is not a flash-in-the-pan sort of thing…that all of a sudden people are going to say “Oh green is out”. No, green is here to stay.
It’s a movement, not a trend. – Kelly Drennan


Kelly Drennan is the founder of Fashion Takes Action, the one and only organization in Canada that is greening the fashion industry from the inside out. Over the years, working as a fashion publicist inside this mega industry, Kelly witnessed the enormous impact of fashion – from energy, waste, chemicals and human rights abuses. Rather than turning a blind eye and contributing to the problem, she decided to be part of the solution and today her organization educates consumers about the clothes we wear so they make more sustainable choices about where they shop and what they buy.
Music by Chris Birkett courtesy of 2Mounties Media

What You Can Do

• Buy less often or invest in your wardrobe with high quality clothes. You’ll save cash and reduce pollution from production efforts.

• Donate to Fashion Takes Actionand realize how much power you hold in your hands and in your wallet to make a difference in how we buy ethical, sustainable clothing

• Take the pledge to resize your fashion footprint with FTA’s Million Acts of Green Facebook app

• Play a part in changing the world: Join the Green Heroes™ Academyto take quizzes, complete dares, and test your eco-fashion knowledge while helping save the planet

• Join to learn about how you can help make a difference around the world by demanding ethical clothing from major retailers

Spread the Word

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A single act, done by many, makes a big difference. Join the Green Heroes™ Academy  to discover green acts that are fun to do and that earn you points on your way to becoming a Green Hero too!

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