60% of our clothing ends up incinerated or in landfill within the first year of its life.

The average North American throws away 36kg of textile waste each year! For every 1kg of textiles in landfill, 4kg of CO2 is emitted to our atmosphere.


Be part of the Fashion Impacts Challenge! Apply now, or read further for details.

  • ONE full-day My Clothes, My World workshop at your school that brings sustainability and social justice alive through the life cycle of fashion ($100)
  • ONE half day Environmental Leadership & Event Design workshop hosted at your school for students and teachers. (Free!) This will help your team organize a really amazing follow up Fashion Impacts Challenge event (e.g. a community swap, or a multi-classroom repurposing activity)
  • These events are also an opportunity to fundraise for your school via our partner Bag2School. (e.g. many schools raise $800 – $1,200 in a year. That’s the power of clothing drives!)
  • The top 5 textile waste diverting schools will be entered into a draw to win 3 cash prizes for their environmental or social justice initiatives! (Top prize is $1000!)

We want the Fashion Impacts Challenge pilot to make a BIG impact.

These are our goals:

  • Engage as many grade 4-12 students as possible with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be more sustainable and ethical fashion consumers
  • Encourage students’ natural leadership around the 7Rs of Fashion, and
  • Divert as much textile waste as possible from landfill

Fashion Takes Action will be choosing the best 20 applicants from the Greater Toronto Area who will help us achieve these goals to the maximum extent. Please fill out the form and convince us that your school will shoot for the stars. We can make a really big impact when we work together!

Applications close Friday, October 13th, 2017 at midnight.

Questions? Please send our Program Director an email:

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