Fashion Impacts Challenge

A Fashion & Climate Leadership workshop where students learn how to organize a 7R’s of Fashion stewardship event (ie clothing swap).

We’re coming to Peel and Halton!

The Fashion Impacts Challenge includes:

  • ONE full-day (Elementary) or 4x 75 minute (High School)  The True Cost of Fashion workshop at your school (booked between November – January)
  • ONE half-day Fashion & Climate Leadership workshop where you learn how to organize a 7R’s of Fashion event (ie clothing swap)
  • Track your textile diversion through an easy to use dashboard and compare your progress with other schools – compete to win a cash prize!

NOTE: Spots are limited. Successful school applicants must demonstrate a commitment to all aspects of the program (workshops and student-led stewardship programming). A previous track record of environmental action is an asset. Subsidies for the $150 fee may be available for schools in economically challenged neighbourhoods. 

Join in and help us reach our goals:

  • Engage as many grade 4-12 students as possible with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be more sustainable and ethical fashion consumers
  • Encourage students’ climate leadership and community engagement around the 7Rs of Fashion: reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, research, repair and rent
  • Divert as many kilograms of textile waste as possible from landfill, and thereby also eliminate CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Did you know there are approximately 80 billion garments produced every year? Our consumption of clothing is up by 400% compared to the 1980's.

Too much of that clothing is not reused, repurposed, repaired or recycled. The average North American throws away 36kg of textile waste each year. That’s the equivalent of 55 pairs of jeans in weight! For every 1kg of textiles in landfill, 4kg of CO2 is emitted to our atmosphere, which makes our fashion consumption a climate change issue as well as a waste issue.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Together, our schools are creating solutions.

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