Free Classroom Workshops: My Clothes, My World

Vinita SrivastavaFTA Blog

If you’re a teacher or parent, your ears might perk up at the words free workshop.

If you’re spring cleaning your closets, too, this opportunity is especially well-timed!

We know teachers and parents are busy planning for enriching experiences for the last bit of the school year. Now’s the time to book us while we are offering free/ heavily discounted bookings with clothing donations via Bag2School.

We’ve got a brand new partnership with Bag2School that helps us to bring grade 4-12  My Clothes My World workshops for free or very little cost into your school! Bags2School is a school based program that provides families with an easy way to recycle unwanted items, raise awareness of environmental issues, and  provide opportunities for children to learn about the importance of reusing items.

How Does it Work?

If you host a clothing drive donation at your school through Bag2School, you will get your Fashion Takes Action Workshop for FREE, depending on how much clothing you bring in! At the least, it will be subsidized heavily. Please reach out to us at the email below for more insight on typical ratios of bags collected: money raised.

Time to clean out the closets and trade in old clothing in exchange for fun-filled and engaging education workshops!

Bag2School is completely free to run and very easy to set up – there is zero cost and with no ‘minimum or maximum’ collection size requirements there is ‘no risk’ to run the program. Depending on how many tons of clothing your class or school brings in, this will equal dollars toward a My Clothes, My World workshop.

The deal gets better if you are an EcoSchool. You can get certification points THIS YEAR for both My Clothes, My World and Bag2School — even at this late stage in the school year. Just add a copy of our email booking confirmation in your certification documentation! Even if our session is in June, it will still count.

What is: My Clothes, My World?

Through inquiry and hands-on activities, we engage elementary and high school learners to consider impacts and generate solutions to issues such as poor labour conditions, over consumption, toxic waste and water conservation. Providing curriculum connections, My Clothes, My World is a comprehensive program striving to foster a future of environmentally responsible citizens who are able to think critically and act consciously.
The program also gains points for EcoSchool Certification in select Boards of Education in Ontario.

Get in touch

If this is of interest to you, please send an email to Natalie Festa, our Education Outreach Coordinator ( with some date options and she will assign a facilitator to your classroom. We are currently booking from now until June.