“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.” Vivienne Westwood

For the past 10 years Fashion Takes Action has been Canada’s hub for sustainable fashion!

From the very start, we have worked hard to bridge the gap between the leading sustainable fashion designers, brands and retailers, and their customers.  We do this through various social media campaigns, fashion events and educational programs.

After all, our mission is to “advance sustainability in the entire fashion system” which includes those who design, make and BUY clothing.

As consumers, we need to practice the 7 R’s of Fashion. Not just reduce, reuse recycle – but also research, repair, rent and repurpose. We need to buy less. Period. Invest in our wardrobe and buy quality pieces that will last for years. Purchase organic and sustainable fabrics, or clothing that is naturally dyed. Support local fashion businesses, or fair trade clothing. Research your favourite brand to learn more about their practices, and demand they be more transparent about their supply chain and who makes their clothes. Learn to make, sew or mend your worn clothes. Upcycle. Donate all your used clothing to the collection bins – even holey socks and undies – EVERYTHING can be recycled. Learn more

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.” Vivienne Westwood

As awareness increases, particularly through game-changing films like True Cost and River Blue, our immediate and extended communities are often compelled to take meaningful action – beyond shopping with a conscience.  Our Community Membership offers you the opportunity to contribute in a positive way to the growth of this movement. For just $25/year you can be a part of our sustainable fashion tribe!

FTA is a 90% volunteer-run non profit organization, thus we rely on a number of revenue streams to cover even our most basic costs. Our Community Membership will allow us to continue in our efforts to raise awareness, through social media, fashion shows, clothing swaps, social mixers and more. And you will be the first to know about our upcoming events and initiatives!

Changing the way we CREATE and CONSUME fashion!

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”Vivienne Westwood

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