Q&A with Kelly Drennan — Founder of Fashion Takes Action

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Kelly Drennan, Founding Executive Director of Fashion Takes Action, shares her insights on what it takes for fashion companies to be more sustainable and ethical.

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What are the biggest barriers fashion brands are currently facing that are inhibiting them from integrating sustainable frameworks into their business practices?

For many brands, the biggest challenge is that they lack both the knowledge and a strategy to implement sustainable actions. Some were quick to get on the sustainability bandwagon but had a poor strategy to execute, and then ultimately failed. This leads to a lack of motivation to give it another go. 

Another challenge is deciding where to start. There are so many problems facing the industry, from water use and pollution, waste, and labour, to carbon emissions and toxic chemicals. It’s impossible to do everything at once and there’s an overwhelming number of resources available. Brands really need to assess where they’re at and what their greatest risks are, and then prioritize. 

Why is it important for sustainability to be incorporated into all elements of the fashion industry?

We really have no choice. This industry is one of the world’s largest polluters and the fashion supply chain is global. This makes it challenging for brand owners because so much of their supply chain isn’t visible. Traceability and transparency are key to the industry being able to level up and reverse the damage it has caused to the environment. 

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By True North LivingQ&A with Kelly Drennan

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