Sustainable Beauty: Natural, Mineral Makeup


Sustainability is a game-changer in our pursuit of beauty and it has lead to a more personal and exclusive form of self-expression. As with sustainable fashion,  sustainable beauty – natural skincare and makeup – can help us express our love of the planet and of our self.

Mineral makeup and natural skincare is all the rage these days. It has gained popularity with those of us who want makeup that is good for our skin, and does not harm the planet due to its lack of chemicals.

Let us break down the top reasons we at Pure + simple love mineral makeup so much:

4-in-1 Product

One of our favourite things about mineral makeup is its ability to perform multiple functions at once. Mineral makeup foundations are not just foundations – they also function as concealers, skin enhancers, and sunblock all in one. On top of this, mineral makeup can be used as “face colours” rather than being limited to a specific function. For example, the same product can act as an eye shadow, a blush, or even a lip colour! It’s all about versatility with mineral makeup.

Skincare Product

100% pressed (or loose) mineral makeup products do not use drying ingredients such as corn starch and talc. Instead, they contain the naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial Zinc, making them purifying and soothing for all skin types (especially rosacea, acne-prone, sensitive, and aging skin). Zinc is also the active ingredient that gives mineral makeup its sun protection factor (SPF)!  Plus, because mineral makeup does not contain drying ingredients, it is less likely to go on cakey, powdery, or flaky when applied to well-hydrated skin. What’s not to love about that?

Better Coverage

The pigments found in mineral makeup are derived from the naturally occurring minerals themselves. Traditionally, chemical dyes are added to a makeup base to create colour. But since minerals are able to pull their own weight colour-wise, mineral makeup products do not need chemical fillers. They are typically highly pigmented, offering exceptional coverage when applied.

Sustainable Beauty: Good for Us & the Planet

The most important part of your makeup routine is your foundation. It is integral to the health of your skin, and that you are not dehydrating or polluting it with chemical ingredients as you try to enhance its appearance. It is even more important that you do not absorb chemical ingredients through your skin. Be sure to check the ingredients label before purchasing and applying products. Jane Iredale is an example of a high-quality makeup brand that does not compromise your health for beauty. Some other great makeup companies like Fitglow, Dalish and Pure + simple, can help you lower your environmental footprint by enabling you to shop locally. These brands also do not contain ingredients such as silicone or coal tar, both of which are on the David Suzuki Foundation’s “Dirty Dozen” list.

CC Cream with Mineral Colours

Pure + simple has taken the skincare benefit further by adding mineral powders to one of our moisturizers and creating a CC (Colour Corrective) Cream that is completely natural and without chemical preservatives. Our Flawless Complexion is popular for individuals with mature skin and those who want extra coverage with their mineral powders.

Pure + simple Sustainable Beauty tips:

  • To get the most out of your mineral makeup it’s very important to hydrate your skin beforehand. If your skin is dry, the powder will not adhere as well.
  • To get a flawless, smooth, full-coverage look with 100% natural mineral makeup: apply Flawless Complexion to your skin first, then apply your favourite mineral powder over top.
  • To finish the look and help your makeup last longer throughout the day, don’t forget to set your makeup with a hydration spray or hydrosol. Not only does it give you a flawless finish, it also creates a more natural look!

Want to learn more about Sustainable Beauty & Mineral Makeup?
Knowing that a new season always makes us want to switch up our makeup routine as well as our skincare routine, we’ve paired up with Jane Iredale to help you find the perfect makeup look! Jane Iredale’s expert makeup artists will be at all four of our spa locations for tailored makeup consultations and applications starting May 28th ,2017. For more info, click here.