Sustainable Fashion ‘One Day Summer School’

Sarah PeelFTA Blog

“There is so much to learn about making conscious choices in fashion and apparel! Getting together with actual humans (instead of researching online), made the learning fun and great to make connections with others.” Yvette, RMT

We’ve run our school program, My Clothes, My World, for 4 years and reached over 4800 students and teachers so far! We get rave reviews and also requests from our tribe of public supporters to “please, please offer the workshop outside of school so we can learn, too! It really sounds like so much fun.”

So, that’s what we’re going to do! This summer 2017 we’re offering the full workshop to adults! Together we’ll explore the fashion industry via the life of a t-shirt from cotton field, through global value chain, to landfill. . . or not!

For those not familiar with our program, My Clothes, My World explores sustainability and social justice through the lens of apparel. Many of us love our fashion as a means of self-expression, but we also want to know that we can make a difference for the planet and people. This participatory and hands-on workshop is a perfect marriage of those interests. We will learn not only about the problems of the fashion industry, but also how we can make a positive difference with daily actions at home and when we shop. We call these actions the 7Rs of Fashion Crusaders! We also send you home with your very own repurposed T-shirt, plus resources for hosting your own swap, or writing to your favourite fashion brand.

Here’s a few other important details:

  • remaining dates are Sunday, August 20, and Saturday, August 26th from 10:00 – 2:30, all at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto (Queen Street & Spadina Ave area). Just tap the links for tickets for each specific date
  • the value is incredible! No where else would you be able to experience this much learning along with engaging conversation and activities for only $30 (FTA Members attend for $25)
  • the full day workshop we deliver in schools is condensed to 4 hours, with a 30 minute lunch break
  • you Bring Your Own Lunch, and Bring Your Own Old T-shirt for repurposing at the end
  • we ask that you watch a documentary, Made In Bangladesh, before you come (we’ll send you the link once you register)
  • if you’d like to bring a mature teen (13+) along with you, you may buy a ticket for them, too. (But one only. We want to keep the grown-up vibe; however for teens for whom this is their thing, we’d love to have them along.)
  • There’s a discount for our community and industry Members. If you’d like to know what that’s about, tap the links.

Will we see you there? We hope so! The more people we can share this message with, the faster we can change how we create and consume fashion for the better!