Alisha Jain


Alisha is a fashion graduate, interested in textiles and fashion. She learned about the adverse effects of fashion in her last year of University. She is currently working as a fashion merchandiser on a sustainable fashion line, but spent a year working for a non-profit. She has a passion for sustainability and is therefore thrilled to be a part of FTA’s Youth Ambassador Program.

Advocating sustainability as an individual, Alisha is keenly interested in taking it forward, encouraging other youth, family and friends to be a part of this movement. Being an Ambassador is one of the best opportunities to continue educating those around her.

She aspires to have a Masters degree in Sustainability and Leadership, and to help the industry and its various stakeholders adopt better practices. She’s especially passionate about equality, eco-friendly practices, skill-building, working closely with Indian artisans, ethical business practices, and more.

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