Cassandra Ciarallo

Classroom Facilitator, Toronto

Cassandra always felt called to help our planet in some way. With a business degree and love for fashion, she partnered up with artisans in Bali and launched Chic Made Consciously: a company offering consumers fairly traded and sustainably made accessories from repurposed tire inner tubes.

Being very environmentally conscious, Cassandra was fascinated to find such a wasteful material being upcycled in a unique and creative way. Her experience working with 3 artisans on her travels, gave her the inspiration to collaborate with them and help expand their market to North America. She now handles all distribution across N.A and was able to design her own mini collection for summer 2016. This relationship has taught her the importance and value of fairly traded goods and how we should each be mindful of the story behind the label in order to reduce human exploitation.

Cassandra’s high value for social and environmental responsibility led her to begin facilitating with Fashion Takes Action’s youth program My Clothes, My World. This was the perfect way for her to bring her experience and knowledge of running her own social enterprise to the classroom. She believes that education and awareness are the seeds to growing a population of eco-minded individuals.