Charmi Shah

United Kingdom

Charmi is a vegetarian, living in London, UK, seeking to learn, grow and empower humans through the lens of minimalism, without losing the essence of cultural heritage. Coming from a background where herbal remedies are the key to health, handcraft is passed down through generations and preservation is at the core of her values, she has embarked on a journey of exploring and embracing sustainability. 

With a BSc in Psychology and Counselling, Charmi invites those held back by stigma, to make a conscious start in their mental health journey by adapting practical and accessible changes. By associating fashion consumerism with identity, individuals in society can start recognising the roots of what leads us to our decisions today. We must adapt to each other and work as a global unit, to see sustainable action as a positive and realistic way forward. 

Charmi continues to explore the intersectional impact, of unethical practices within fashion and worldly issues, on our ecosystem and the climate crisis. Her concept of conscious and sustainable living as a form of therapy are demonstrated on Instagram (@conchandcharm) and Youtube, where she organises and repurposes hoarded, unused and accumulated items into functional items. Charmi also has experience in luxury fashion retail and non-profit event management.

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