Cristina Noelle Ciccolini


Cristina (or Cris) is from Toronto, Canada. She is currently taking a gap year to take time to volunteer, work, and determine her major for post-secondary education the following year. Advocating for the environment and educating people on our current climate crisis is something she does with great passion. She has always loved fashion and taking care of the environment. She wanted to become a sustainable fashion designer so she spent a year going to an arts school to learn the skills she would need in the industry. While exploring this endeavor, she recognized she would still be contributing to waste within the industry in some way. Also, her passion for advocating for sustainable fashion overpowered her fashion design endeavor. Cristina has a deep connection to the earth and prioritizing its well-being is very important to her. She wants to share this passion and her education with the world. She enjoys using social media, upcycling, selling clothes on Depop, thrifting, having conversations with friends, and reaching out to brands to be proactive. She is excited to become more informed on the issues within the industry and be a part of a team with like-minded individuals. This will help her meet her goal of inspiring others to become more sustainable in their everyday life through conscious shopping and repairs! 

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