Estelle Goodwin

Classroom Facilitator (Bilingual)

Bonjour! My name is Estelle Goodwin, Franco-Ontarian from Embrun, ON, and a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa. I currently work in the health field, but have in the last few years developed a true passion for sustainability, which has led me to almost solely buying second-hand clothing, as well as transitioning to a plant-based diet. I aspire to complete a Master’s degree in Health Promotion, to one day educate the Canadian population on the health benefits of sustainable and ethical practices. My hobbies include yoga, hiking, knitting, and gardening. I also enjoy traveling and thrill-seeking activities like skydiving, zip-lining, and rock climbing. My core values include equality, respect, and mutuality. I also very much identify with ecofeminist theory, which is highly intertwined with FTA’s sustainability and ethical mission, since women are often disproportionately affected by ethical and labor injustices in the fashion industry. 

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