Gabriella D. Gooden

United States

Gabriella Gooden is a college sophomore from NY at Virginia Tech studying business. Being a native New Yorker that she is, living near the Big Apple has always inspired Gabriella to pursue a career in the business and fashion industries after overcoming a traumatic orthopedic injury. Gabriella is also an ambassador for The Ambassador Program with Nordstrom & Remake our world. She’s passionate about business, climate change, entrepreneurship, fashion, innovation, learning new things, marketing, and sustainability. In her spare time, she likes to read and travel. Though Fashion Takes Action, Gabriella would like to continue to use her voice to educate, empower, and spread awareness to others about fast fashion & the current issues of today’s industry that aren’t talked about in society. Gabriella hopes to not only grow as a leader but also gain leadership and professional development skills to become an effective and innovative leader in her community, future career, and throughout the world to break the barriers & stereotypes for the generations to come.

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