George Amoh


George is the founder of Huri Movement, a Sustainable Afrocentric Fashion brand that embraces elements of empowerment and sustainability through a cultural perspective. 

Their planet conscious designs and active community engagement help give light to their founding pillars: EmpowerEnrich, and Elevate. Huri Movement was born out of necessity because they noticed a large disconnect between issues of Sustainability, Social Justice, and the Black Community. (Intersectional Environmentalism).

“It was a no brainer for me to start a Brand that would fill the gaps that I was exposed to growing up; Hence the Huri Movement was born. I do not see Huri Movement as just a Sustainable Afrocentric brand but more as an extension of my own individuality. In starting this brand, I want to welcome others to jump into their individuality, celebrate their differences, and do this responsibly through sustainable fashion and beyond.”