Guadalupe Romero

United States

This is Guadalupe Romero but she goes by Lu. She’s a second year college student majoring in Biological Psychology. As much as she loves her major, she truly has always had a love and passion for fashion and learning about the business side of it. She enjoys clothes for the sole purpose that she’s able to show a part of who she is through fabrics and colours. She became a slow fashion activist when she started doing research about the clothes she was buying, and how it all was effecting our planet and the workers making them.

Lu wants to change the way the fashion industry was being run, how clothes were being produced, and most importantly how workers were being treated.¬†At the same time, she wants to teach others how the clothing they are purchasing on an everyday basis is affecting the planet and other humans. She’s excited to be a part of FTA in order to continue her journey as an activist for slow fashion and spread as much knowledge as possible about making smarter choices when it comes to buying fashion.

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