Jaclyn Adelson


With a degree under her belt, three years of non-profit experience behind her, and a fiery passion to be involved in sustainability, Jaclyn is thrilled to be part of the FTA Youth Sustainability Ambassadors Program. Combining her love of politico-environmentalism and thrifting, this could not be a more perfect fit. She has committed herself to lifestyle changes, interested in the role of individualism and consumption habits in the climate crisis. Since June 2019, she has not bought a single piece of clothing in store and is committed to a sustainable urban lifestyle – it can be done.

Jaclyn’s experience is expansive – a recent university graduate, a former Parliament Hill intern, and current Development Officer for an Ottawa-based environmental non-profit, she is prepared to help educate about sustainability and consumption habits with a fashion focus. The FTA Youth Ambassador program is a dream come true and she could not be more excited to continue making change, educating, and interacting with systems that promote sustainability and environmental justice.