Jennifer Petursson

Youth Education Manager

Jennifer Petursson has been working with Fashion Takes Action since 2016, first as our Education Coordinator and now as Youth Program Manager. Jennifer is responsible for all external communications, outreach and on-going support to school staff and students as it relates to our My Clothes My World suite of programming.

Jennifer also liaises with industry partners such as Eco Schools Canada, Bag2School North America, and Green Story to name a few, and she is in regular contact with all participating school boards.   

Jennifer previously worked in marketing & communications, with a passion for education as she held the Eco Parent Lead at her children’s school, where she decided to focus her skills to inspire students to become more conscious consumers.  Jennifer is passionate about fostering the next generation of sustainable fashion influencers. 

It is her family’s history in the fashion industry that propels her to strive for sustainable & ethical fashion today.  She wears her values by building a sustainable wardrobe that is reflective of her ideologies of shopping local, buying from ethical & sustainable brands and second hand retailers.

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