Julia Tai


Julia is a fashion lover, creator, and enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia.  She is currently undertaking studies in a double Bachelor degree of Commerce and Arts at Monash University, majoring in Sustainability. This merging of two worlds has allowed for a unique appreciation and outlook toward innovation, entrepreneurship, and the fashion industry. 

As a serial outfit repeater, she enjoys upcycling her wardrobe by experimenting with painting, developing her sewing skills, and delving into the world of fabric bleaching. And, with interests in photography, styling, merchandising and all things art, she commits to lead not only an environmentally, socially and economically conscious lifestyle – but one that reflects her own individually curated style.

Overall, she hopes that by using her platform, she will promote and spread awareness about the importance of a more circular economy in fashion to other young consumers in an effort to drive great sustainable action for our future.

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