Kelly Zivanovich

Classroom Facilitator

For my adult life, I have made it my mandate to be as environmentally conscious as possible and have passed this mindset along to my kids. They are accustomed to trips to consignment shops, Value Village and Salvation Army to find great treasures and back to school outfits. I want them to understand the importance of keeping consumerism at bay.

From this mindset, I began the company, Out of the Closet, a fashion styling business. The focus is to encourage clients to see their clothes from new perspectives rather than running out to buy the latest trends. I like to emphasize to the client that not only is it good financially to have this perspective, but it also benefits the planet.

I have been involved in the school community and councils of my three children for the past 10 years. I have spearheaded projects that were inclusive to students and encouraged parent engagement. I have also taken on leadership roles within my Westmall Toastmasters group in the last 5 years.

I consider myself a student of life which has taken me on a winding path, looking for opportunities to learn and enhance my creative skills. I completed a degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies and a diploma in Graphic Design and spent 10 years working as a window dresser.

Now, as part of the team Fashion Takes Action team, there is an opportunity for me to encourage students to keep an open mind about the impact their choices make.