Kiana Klassen


Kiana has always been passionate about fashion, but working as a model in Toronto, Canada revealed to her the need for radical changes in representation, consumption patterns and sustainability of the industry. This realization has driven her to run many events and advocacy campaigns at her university as Co-President of OPIRG working group Threadwork Hamilton, as well as pursue a more sustainable lifestyle herself. 

Kiana’s undergraduate thesis project surrounded exploring the role of clothing in the experience of identity for women in Canada using the Rational Dress Society’s JUMPSUIT project. Kiana is currently pursuing a Master’s in International Development and Environmental Sustainability, performing research on the Circular Economy in the fashion industry. 

Her spare time is spent altering, sewing and flipping her closet, as well as making art and plant-based cooking. A body-positive advocate, Kiana documents her creations and her latest thrift finds on her Instagram, @kia_klassen.

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