Marta Crosta


Marta is Italian but is currently living in Oslo, Norway. She’s completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently studying Art Therapy. She started her journey towards a totally sustainable wardrobe two and a half years ago, and in the meantime, she’s become an activist related to the garment industry, especially focusing on human rights. Marta started to educate herself through documentaries, books, blogs, workshops, and online classes. She has subsequently organized swap events with friends, to try to spread the word about how to be more conscious customers with those around her. She then felt confident enough to open a permanent clothing swap space in Milan – her hometown. The project could not continue due to the covid crisis, but she would like to create something similar in Oslo, where she is now based. Her other hobbies and interests include writing poetry, reading books and graphic novels, art, browsing flea markets, doing DIY projects, embroidery, cosplay, true crime and psychology. She can’t wait to join forces with FTA and the other Youth Ambassadors to create a more sustainable world!

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