Olivia Foster


Olivia is 20 years old, residing in Toronto, Ontario. This past summer, she started her journey into sustainable fashion when she couldn’t look away from the impact that fast fashion was having, not only on her local environment but the environment that many global garment workers are subject to on a daily basis. She started her own small sustainable brand to combine her love of clothing and style, with her new found appreciation for sustainable fashion. She started handpicking vintage items and began to sew in an effort to repurpose them. She is now currently working on her own line where sustainability is a staple. She sources all of her materials from thrift and antique stores, and all her paper products are eco-friendly. This brand also helped her dive in to her photography and videography skills, as she is a one-woman show. Not only is Olivia passionate about sustainability and the environment, she is also passionate about human rights and social justice issues. She actively keeps up with what is happening around the world and this brand is a way for her to give back however she can. Every month, she selects a charity or organization where she donates 25% of her monthly revenue. She is eager to expand her knowledge around sustainability within the fashion industry and see where the Fashion Takes Action Youth Ambassador Program can take her. 

Olivia also advocates for genderless clothing through her brand. She believes that everyone should feel comfortable in their own clothing without the pressure of societal norms being assigned to a piece.

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