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Since a young age, Paola has shown an interest in fashion, culture and education, and has a business degree with a major in tourism. Paola is a native from Mexico and has been living in Canada for over ten years. She has always enjoyed fashion, starting with watching Fashion Television with Canadian host Jeanne Becker and reading Vogue magazine at a very young age. Years later, she understands both the positive and negative impact fashion can have on our world.

Living in Mexico through her younger years exposed her to a different style of culture compared to the North American way of doing things. Because of the expansive beauty and historical native art forms Mexico has to offer, she founded SHILANGO in 2013; a fairly traded company offering consumers ethically made women’s accessories and clothing. The business was started to bring Mexican jewelry and clothing to a worldwide market, while helping those that make the products increase their income. She grew up in a small Mexican town where many people make a living selling what they make by hand.

Paola lives in Barrie with her husband and two boys.

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