Sakshi Jain


Sakshi is a programmer and researcher by profession but found a calling for fashion early on. While completing her Bachelor’s in Computer Science, she decided to sponsor and design the university’s annual fashion show through which she attempted to explore locally produced fabric and craftsmanship. This experience exposed her to the horrifying realities of unethical fashion in South Asia, and the grave condition of its garment workers, the vast majority of which are women. As the pandemic worsened and drew on, it left a large number of Indian garment workers destitute. This drove Sakshi to kick-start a non-profit venture in collaboration with local factories and home-based garment workers which would fairly supplement the worker’s incomes and provide much-needed aid during the national lockdown. She continues her research on Fair Fashion and strives to take action toward building a fairer, safer, and more prosperous future for South Asian garment workers. She’s excited at the prospect of combining Technology and Fashion in order to monitor and build more humane supply chains and a conscientious fashion system.

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