Shreya Sharma


Shreya is a fashion design graduate, with her domain in Indian crafts. Her interest in sustainable fashion and practices developed through her design course, and since then, there is no stopping!

Shreya is currently working as a fashion designer and also writes content for multiple brands. She has been doing extensive research on sustainable practices and materials for some time now and she wishes to establish her clothing brand that promotes sustainable materials and Indian craftsmanship. She aspires to create her presence in the community of sustainability advocates – to learn and grow with them. Her other interests lie in reading, writing, photography, and embroidery. Her passion for advocating sustainability brought her to be a part of FTA’s Youth Ambassador Program.

On a personal level, she encourages her friends and family to adopt sustainable lifestyle practices. FTA provides her a platform to spread the awareness to a larger level and thus, she is excited to be a part of this movement. 

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