Sienna Sewell

New Zealand

Hi, I’m Sienna and currently live in New Zealand but I am originally from London, UK. I have a keen interest and years of experience in the Performing Arts, especially music and singing.  Having just finished high school I’m now studying for a Bachelor of Music degree. 

I’ve always loved fashion but I discovered I wanted to do more with my passion by trying to contribute to create change. I love thrifting in shops, and also buying and selling clothes on Depop, knowing that they are being worn many times instead of just once or twice, and instead of being thrown away in charity bins. I am so excited to be a Youth Ambassador for Fashion Takes Action on the Tiktok team. My aim is to spread the word on sustainability, ethical conditions, and environmental impact to educate and create awareness in my generation about the issues we are facing in fashion in the world today.

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