Panelist: Materials future, Innovation in textiles

Jose Luis Gutierrez-Garcia

Co-Founder & Project Manager, Upcycle the Gyres (UpGyres)

José Luis worked most of his life in the reforestation and mining industries and gradually realized how wasteful they are. In 2011, José Luis achieved a Master Certificate in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and a Certificate in Corporate and Environmental Sustainability from the University of San Francisco. The same year he held the Chair of the Sustainability Committee for a remote gold mining operation in the Arctic where he effectively introduced sustainable sourcing & green procurement as well as renewable cleaning and disinfecting technology.

In 2014, José Luis successfully completed Ocean Solutions, a course offered through the University of Western Australia that explores the innovative ways in which the world’s oceans can help meet some of the major challenges facing humanity.  José Luis now works to create a positive impact on the effects of human activity on the environment as the Co-Founder and Project Manager of Upcycle the Gyres (UpGyres) and as Principal of Motoca Regenerative Solutions, where he developed an innovative method to monetize the value locked in waste water discharges containing discarded micro fibres from the Apparel and Textile Industry.

UpGyres is a winner of the 2016 Think Beyond Plastic and Enviu Accelerator Competition.