Week in Review – We Can Change Our World

Vinita Srivastava#FTA Instagram Review, FTA Blog

By Vinita Srivastava

This past week was one of those momentous weeks where everything changed in a hurried blur. We said good-bye to U.S. President Barack Obama and an #FTA hero, the first lady. We watched President Trump getting sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Then millions of us marched against him in a worldwide protest. And then thousands of us marched again at airports and at U.S. Consulates after the anti-immigration executive order not even a week later.

Fashion Takes Action marched on too: working toward changing things in our corner. We want to change the way we create and consume fashion and every week the FTA team makes partnerships, plans education workshops and generally keeps keepin’ on. Here are a few of our reflective moments – from our perspective at Fashion Takes Action.

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama left the White House to all of our breaking hearts.

A swell of #resistTrump protests took place all over the world. Millions of people marched and sparked a new International Women’s Movement, to protest the presidency of Donald Trump. Check out @thehotnessgrrrl so ready for her march with Lady Parts Justice! Many women see fashion as a political statement according to an article in the Toronto Star.

Fashion Takes Action under the leadership of founder, Kelly Drennan, was named an official Agent of Change at Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation Activator’s Program. To celebrate, Kelly talks trash and writes, a blog on #TextileTrash.

If this looks like the earth is getting sick, that’s because it is. The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world. This February and March, follow our feed to find out about screenings of River Blue, a movie made to raise awareness about fashion’s impact on the environment.

Patagonia has been spreading the Fair Trade word with its thirteen minute mini film about its business practices and the benefits of Fair Trade. ‘Fair Trade the First Stop’ was produced by Little Village Films, a pretty cool little creative outlet. It’s so important when companies start changing their practices. You can see the benefits on people’s lives. More than just a livable wage, we’re talking health care, and day care and education opportunities.

In closing, even though our world feels like its in chaos, we can all do our part through our choices–even in small ones like the products we buy. If you’re a designer or otherwise connected to fashion, consider joining us and buy a membership. A couple of our members are in the photo stream this week: @Unikati_ with the fairtrade, organic, beautiful scarf and @wullyouterwear with a sexy coat worn by singer/songwriter @allissawhitegluz. Or, just drop by on Instagram and say hello.


Vinita Srivastava manages the social media at Fashion Takes Action and runs both Upsari, a modern heritage clothing company and Global360, a boutique media consulting firm. She has spent a decade reporting and editing for media outlets, including four years at the New York Times Style Magazine. She has developed digital media curriculum and fashion journalism courses at Ryerson University for graduate and undergraduate students.