Detoxing Fashion

Students learn about toxic chemicals used to make our clothing, and how they impact ecosystems and human health.

There are over 1600 chemicals used to make our clothing – many of these are highly toxic or carcinogenic, resulting in pollution to our air, soil and water, and ultimately impacting human health.  Conventional cotton is grown with genetically modified seeds and sprayed heavily with toxic pesticides such as Roundup —and these persist in the fabric even after manufacturing. Many textiles also contain chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals), ammonia, and/or other harmful chemicals. Add to that heavy metals, PVC, and resins, which are involved in dyeing and printing processes.

In this one-hour live virtual workshop students will learn about these chemicals and why they are being used, as they also come to understand what action is being taken by industry to eliminate hazardous chemicals from supply chains, what to look for on a label when they buy new clothing, and how to care for their clothes in a non-polluting way.

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