Footprint of Fashion

A half day workshop where students explore the environmental impacts of the fashion industry - from water and toxic chemicals, to carbon and waste.

Grades: Elementary (4-6), Middle School (7,8) & Secondary (9-12)
Workshop Length: 1/2 Day, 2.5 hours or 2x 75 minute periods
Maximum Capacity: 35 students
Booking Contact: Jennifer Petursson

In this half day workshop students explore the environmental impacts of the fashion industry. This includes overconsumption, textile waste in landfill and incineration, diminishing resources (such as cotton and water), pollution and the use of hazardous chemicals. Students gain a deeper understanding around textile reuse and recycling, waste diversion and sustainability, and how we need to shift toward a more circular economy.

At the same time, solutions such as our 7R’s of Fashion (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Research, Repurpose, Repair, Rent) are introduced.  We also share current examples of global sustainable projects and collaborations that are cleaning up the fashion industry.  Students learn how both the making of our clothes AND how we care for them has an impact on the planet and climate change.

Curriculum connections: 
Fashion, Geography, Environmental Studies, Art

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