The Secret Lives of Clothes

A half day workshop where students learn the social impact of our clothes - who makes them, where they are made, and in what conditions.

Grades: Elementary (4-6), Middle School (7,8) & Secondary (9-12)
Workshop Length: Half day, 2.5 hours or 2x 75 minute periods
Maximum Capacity: 35 students
Booking Contact: Jennifer Petursson

In this half day workshop students examine the ethical and moral dilemmas facing the textile supply chain – who makes our clothes, where they are made, and the conditions in which they are made. The focus of this workshop is on the human aspect of the global supply chain, taught through interactive activities and democratic role play where they come to better understand fair trade, a living wage, and the perspective of farmers, factory owners, garment workers, brand and retailers.

In addition to learning about the ethical issues, we also consider what a fairer fashion industry should look like, and what we can do in our everyday lives to achieve this.  Students will recognize the exploitation endemic in the fashion industry and consider how the industry and their own wardrobes can become more ethical.  

Curriculum connections: 
Social Studies, Mathematics, World Issues, Geography, Fashion

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