Fashion Impacts Challenge

Fashion & Climate Leadership workshop where students learn how to organize a 7R’s of Fashion stewardship event (ie clothing swap).

Grades: Elementary (4-6), Middle School (7,8) & Secondary (9-12)
Workshop Length: Full Day (Middle School) or 4x 75 minute periods (Secondary)
Maximum Capacity: 35 students
Booking Contact: Jennifer Petursson

The first half of this workshop students will receive our Footprint of Fashion, to learn about the environmental impacts of fashion, particularly with respect to textile waste. The second half is a leadership workshop where students learn how to organize a number of 7R’s of Fashion stewardship events (ie clothing swap, upcycled fashion shows, clothing drives etc). Classes can track their textile diversion efforts (how many garments were kept out of landfill) throughout the school year and compare progress with other schools in terms of GHG reductions and overall stewardship. =