There are a few times a year when we find ourselves going to events like spring or summer prom and weddings, and then of course there are holiday events, work parties and family gatherings in December. These are the perfect occasions to incorporate the RENT rule. Plus it is hard to justify spending money on ourselves at this time, when you are thinking about buying gifts for others. And during the holiday season, it is important to also consider the increased waste that is generated. But, there is a way you can look great, save money and reduce waste: RENT your outfit!

The multi-billion dollar sharing economy is becoming the new norm with companies like Uber and Airbnb leading the charge, but clothing rental is claiming its stake as well.  The average person likes to have new items, and diversity in our wardrobes, which is part of the reason fashion is so wasteful to begin with. As a society, we generally have no qualms about purchasing fast fashion, wearing it once or twice then discarding it because of the low price tag. The fashion rental economy (also now referred to as “product-as-a-service” allows us to rent high quality, designer and brand name clothing instead of owning low quality, fast fashion garments.

Renting is not an end-all solution as there is still a big impact from shipping and laundering garments, but it certainly has the potential to reduce waste and push the fashion industry towards a more circular economy. It also might not make sense for our everyday clothing, but for those one-off special occasions where you likely will only wear it once or twice (think prom or graduation) then rental is the most attractive option

Fitzroy Rentals which is based in Toronto, has a thoughtfully curated collection of seasonal outfits, full of velvets, sequins, lace and everything else perfect for holiday parties, weddings, proms and graduations.

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