Employee Education & Engagement

Employee Education & Engagement

Employee engagement has been noted as one of the most important factors in overall company success. It has become a way not only for CSR departments to help further their sustainability efforts and ESG goals, but also for HR departments to drive engagement which we know is linked to employee retention, morale and satisfaction.

Based on the success of Fashion Takes Action’s youth education program, My Clothes My World, which has reached more than 30,000 students aged 8-17 across Canada, Fashion Takes Action is excited to be launching Sustainable Fashion 101, an employee education and engagement program, for the adult learner.

Our 101 program is designed to engage ALL employees – at all levels – in the positive social and environmental impact your company is making, and why it is taking action. It is designed for any company, recognizing that all employees wear clothes, right!? For fashion brands and retailers, however, our content can be customized to speak not only to what your company is doing to reduce negative social and environmental impacts, but why you are taking action. Understanding the context for your sustainability initiatives will enable your employees to respond with confidence to stakeholder and customer inquiries, likewise empowering them to become brand ambassadors and even more conscious consumers.


Fashion is a fun and relevant way to connect to issues around social and environmental impacts, regardless of your business or industry. Our multi-series program is delivered virtually in a Lunch ‘n’ Learn style allowing as many or as few employees to tune in as you like.
Sessions are recorded and made available so that you can share them with staff who are unable to attend.

We suggest starting with the Lifecycle of a T-shirt for the overview it provides. Other topics in the series: Detoxing Fashion, Who Makes Our Clothes and the 7Rs of Circular Fashion


Similar to programs like Bike to Work Week, Earth Month or Waste Free Lunch initiatives, the Fashion Impacts Challenge is a company-wide program that can be run for a week or a month – it’s up to you – with the goal of engaging all departments, at every level of your organization.

Our goal is to cultivate sustainability champions across all levels and geographies of the organization through our unique employee education and engagement program .

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