Garment Care

How to Get Out Stains

We buy 60% more clothing today than we did 20 years ago, and we keep our garments for half as long. If that isn’t shocking enough, globally 92 million tonnes of textiles end up in the landfill each year. Reducing our consumption is more important than ever before, but to prolong the life of the garments we already own, we need to do a better job at taking care of them.  We’ve all been there before – you accidentally spill a coffee on your favourite silk blouse, or you get spaghetti sauce on your favourite white t-shirt. If we get to these stains right away, there is a much higher chance that they will come out, which means they will have a longer life. And, when you are done with that item, it will still be in a decent condition to donate it on for someone new to love!

Here are a few useful tips on how to remove stains: 

1.  Use white vinegar to remove yellowish armpit stains from white t-shirts 

  • Add one cup of vinegar to the washing machine at the final rinse. This is a good substitute for toxic bleach!

2. Use baby powder and dish soap to remove oil stains

  • The trick is to get to the stain as quickly as possible before it sets into the garment. Use a small amount on an old toothbrush or cloth and gently apply to the garment.

3. Use liquid dish soap to remove grass and mud stains

  • Put a small amount on an old toothbrush and then gently brush before putting it in the washer.

4. Use rubbing alcohol to remove ink or paint stains 

  • Soak garment in one cup of rubbing alcohol for 30 minutes.
  • For ink stains only, spray stain with hairspray and then wash out.

NOTE: In all of these cases, you still need to put the garment into the washing machine after getting to the stain.

How to Read Care Labels

All of those symbols on the tags of your clothes can be confusing! Here is a helpful infographic to make caring for your clothes easier.

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