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Our suite of educational resources will teach students about the social & environmental impacts of the global fashion industry, while empowering them with the tools and solutions to be more responsible citizens. Our resources are geared towards grade 4-12 students.

Imagine a future of responsible citizens who are able to think critically & act consciously

My Clothes, My World (MCMW) is our school program which offers digital and in-person workshops, lesson plans, and resources focused on the social and environmental impacts of the global fashion industry. Developed to educate and empower students, our aim is to instill an understanding of sustainability in today’s global context.

Since 2014, we’ve held in-person workshops in Toronto and Vancouver. In 2021, we expanded our approach with digital workshops, meeting both Ontario and BC curriculum standards for grades 4-12 across multiple subjects. We now have in-depth, cross-curricular lesson plans tailored to the new Ontario curriculum for grades 5-8 students. All our workshops and lesson plans delve into four primary topics, highlighting the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the fashion industry. With fashion being a significant contributor to climate change, advancing a sustainable fashion sector is crucial for our planet’s wellbeing.

Some highlights of our workshops include:

  • Using fashion as a vehicle to explain current local & global environmental and social issues
  • High student engagement in the workshops through inquiry based learning & critical thinking
  • Hands on activities, videos, group work, and discussion throughout
  • Curriculum aligned
  • Points towards EcoSchool Certification, specifically Teamwork & Leadership 1.2-1.8, Environmental Stewardship 6.1-6.4, Waste Minimization 3.2, and Curriculum
  • Available in French and English (in person only)

Contact Jennifer Petursson for more information.


Fashion Impacts
High school students work to critically analyze the fashion industry and come up with innovative solutions that will positively impact people and planet.

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NEW Free Video Series


We created six short videos to introduce young people to the topic of sustainable fashion. These are a great way to gauge your student’s level of interest in the topic before purchasing one of our workshops below.

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Our Program Partners

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics believes it’s their responsibility to advocate for environmental justice, animal protection and human rights, as well as giving back to grassroots organizations locally and around the world. 

The Chawkers Foundation supports educational and environmental initiatives that also strengthen community and citizenship.

Toronto District School Board — My Clothes My World is an official education partner of the TDSB

Eco Schools Canada is a strong supporter if our program which scores points toward Eco Literacy, Stewardship and Healthy Communities.  

KenDor Textiles is a generous and ongoing supporter of the My Clothes My World program.

Ontario Teacher’s Insurance Plan (OTIP) supported the production of our free digital resources for students.


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Student Engagement. Classroom Tools. Fashion News. Upcoming Events

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