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The Rise of Gen Z Sustainable Shoppers

Gen Zs have increasingly risen to question and seek alternatives from fashion retailers who lack sustainable goals. Young adults between 16-29 have increasingly adopted more conscious, sustainable shopping practices. Quick

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Textile Recycling Feasibility Study

Environment & Climate Change Canada commissioned Fashion Takes Action to conduct a study that profiles the possibilities and pre-feasibility of a local textile recycling industry. Join our webinar on June 9th to learn more.

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The Great Fur Debate

This innovative new material is pushing the boundaries of fashion, by providing brands and consumers with a product that considers both the environment, and animals.

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Virtual Pollution

Evelyn Mora, the founder of Helsinki Fashion Week, reminds us that going digital doesn’t necessarily mean going sustainable – this is a large misconception.

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ReHumanizing the Fashion Value Chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted endless discussions about the importance of making changes for the better across all sectors, and the apparel industry is no exception. There has been great

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How to buy clothes that last

Overwhelmed – the feeling many of us feel when we go shopping. There are too many brands selling too many styles, resulting in too many items to choose from. We therefore find ourselves facing hard choices about what to buy. This is where my checklist comes in to save the day.

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