Sometimes we just don’t want to donate our clothes. Maybe you spent a lot of money on a garment, or you know that someone else did. And so this is where RESALE comes into play because now there are so many apps and consignment stores that allow us to make a bit of money from the items we no longer want.

Resale means that rather than sitting in your closet collecting dust, someone else is going to enjoy your clothes. And likewise, you can also shop the many resale platforms available or check out one of your local consignment stores. It does take a bit of work to style and photograph every item, in the hopes that it will appeal to a resale customer. But if you own a ring light then you’re already one step ahead!

Keeping our clothes in use for as long as possible is the key to protecting our planet (and your wallet will thank you too). When our clothing ends up in the landfill, it either stays there forever, like a plastic bag or it emits Co2 and methane into the atmosphere which are major contributors to climate change.

Some traditional resale platforms are Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, and eBay, but now there are a whole slew of more fashionable apps on the market like DePop, Poshmark, Thredup and The Real Real which is all about the luxury items! Of course picking through the racks at your local thrift or consignment shop is a fun past-time as well, and is a great alternative to selling your own unwanted items without the hassle of shipping.

So the next time you do a closet audit, consider selling your items through a resale platform or shop!

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