With December full of holiday events, work parties and family gatherings, it’s a perfect time to incorporate the RENT rule. Many consumers are conscious of budget during this season, and mindful of the increased waste that is generated during the holidays. But, there is a way you can look great, save money and reduce waste: RENT your wardrobe!

The multi-billion dollar sharing economy is becoming the new norm with companies like Uber and Airbnb leading the charge, but clothing rental is claiming its stake as well. As fashion consumers, we often desire new things and diversity in our wardrobes which is part of the reason fashion is so wasteful to begin with. Consumers generally have no qualms about purchasing fast fashion, wearing it once or twice then discarding it because of the low price tag. The fashion rental economy allows us to rent high quality, designer and brand name clothing for the same price as owning low quality, fast fashion garments, and the outcome is the same: you can change up your look while cutting costs. Renting is not an end-all solution as there is still a big impact from shipping and laundering garments, but it certainly has the potential to reduce waste and push the fashion industry towards a more circular economy.

Find some great local rental companies below:

Dresses available from BORO

Rent Frock Repeat is a Fashion Takes Action member and e-commerce collaborative consumption company where you can rent designer dresses for up to 90% off the retail price. With professional stylists to help you create the look you want, you can book a private fitting or have an e-consultation.

Boro promotes peer-to-peer sharing, allowing you to rent from other Toronto women’s closets or rent out your own past party dresses that might help give your holiday fund a little boost, all while keeping it sustainable.

Fresh Fashion Library allows you to lend and borrow within a like-minded community. You can become a member with unlimited access to a rotating closet or rent individual items as a guest on a per-need basis.

The Fitzroy has a thoughtfully curated collection of seasonal outfits, full of velvets, sequins, lace and everything else perfect for holiday parties. You can rent online or drop by their studio during operating hours – no appointment necessary.

Image: BORO

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