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My Clothes, My World is a great opportunity to introduce youth to important world issues via one of their favourite topics – fashion! Our half- and full-day education workshops (available in English and French) provide interactive activities that elicit discussion around labour rights, consumerism and environmental degradation. These workshops opens students’ eyes to the truth about the apparel industry and inspire them to take meaningful action. NEW this year is our follow-up program that the whole school can be a part of: the Fashion Impacts Challenge! (Applications are now closed for this school year, thank you.)

We tackle questions such as: Where do our clothes come from? How are our clothes made? What happens to our clothes at the end of their ‘life’? Do you really need that new article of clothing? Students in grades 4-12 explore these questions, and by the end of the day are able to describe several problems that exist within the fashion industry and come up with sustainable solutions.

Our final activity, turning an old t-shirt into a bag, is a hands-on opportunity to explore the idea of upcycling or repurposing and is always a very popular activity. This program is also ideal for Eco Schools who must meet curriculum requirements, scoring points in both Healthy Communities and Eco Literacy. My Clothes My World not only inspires young people, but it also empowers them to take action.

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