Human Rights & Labour

Garment industry production has doubled in the last 15 years. The global fashion industry now employs more than 75 million workers worldwide, 97% of them working ‘overseas’ in countries where gaps in governance standards, weak oversight and enforcement, and fierce competition that is undeniably rooted in a capitalist system that prioritizes profit above human rights and dignity, has created an environment that makes workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation

Fortunately, there are many individuals and organizations around the world that are advocating for change. This month, FTA will be using the WEAR platform to address the systemic problems tied to the garment industry – legal loopholes, failures in compliance, and emerging policies designed to help regulate factory conditions – all in an effort to create more oversight and protect the people who make our clothes.


Mar 24 2021, 
9:00 am
 – 10:00 am
Mar 24 2021, 
10:30 am
 – 11:30 am
Mar 24 2021, 
12:00 pm
 – 1:00 pm
Mar 24 2021, 
1:30 pm
 – 2:30 pm


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