Material Innovation And Sustainability

Technological innovation is growing and evolving every day, and with that, comes a new generation of sustainable materials. In the fashion industry, there are many forward-thinking brands that are rethinking traditional design and manufacturing processes and opting for resources and materials that help to “close the loop”.  In doing so, these innovations aim to reduce waste, pollution, and harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and support circular business models that greatly benefit the environment. The challenge, however, lies in the wide-scale adoption of these technologies, without compromising design, quality, and price point. 

This month, in collaboration with Evoco, Dupont, and Lenzing, we are presenting a series of panel discussions and fireside chats focused on material innovation and sustainability in an effort to highlight and share the innovative work that’s currently supporting circularity and driving change in the fashion industry. 


May 19 2021, 
1:30 pm
 – 2:30 pm
May 19 2021, 
12:00 pm
 – 1:00 pm
May 19 2021, 
10:45 am
 – 11:45 am
May 19 2021, 
10:00 am
 – 10:30 am


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