Amelia Eleiter

Co-founder and VP Business Services  

- Debrand

It was 2008 on a beach in Southern Sri Lanka when Debrand co-founders Amelia Eleiter and Wes Baker first dreamt up the idea of Debrand. The pair were disenfranchised by the amount of branded waste floating in the otherwise pristine water.

Upon returning to Canada, they identified an opportunity to help brands become more responsible with product waste. Not only was there a brand risk associated with discarding these goods, but a clear loss of value. Inefficient or non-existent reverse logistics processes caused many good quality items to be abandoned without a chance at a second life. Debrand was built with a simple mission in mind: to help extract as much value as possible from the world’s finite resources. 

Today, Amelia leads the company in the areas of marketing, sales, finance and business strategy. The company now uses technology to unlock the true value of client products and materials, helping lead the way towards a more circular economy. 

Outside of work, Amelia enjoys living in North Vancouver exploring the great outdoors and doing her best to enjoy life in the moment. 

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