Dr. Anika Kozlowski

Assistant Professor Fashion Design, Ethics & Sustainability 

- Ryerson University

Dr. Anika Kozlowski is an inter-disciplinary designer, educator and researcher who specializes in sustainable fashion unifying her backgrounds in microbiology, environmental science, and fashion design. Anika’s research expertise is the design and business practices of emerging sustainably minded fashion micro-small enterprises (MSE) which has led to the creation of the ReDesign Tool. Anika continues to work with MSE/SME’s for transitions to circular and regenerative fashion practices. Recent research interests include place-based practices, upcycling, and repair as it relates to sustainable design by working in West Africa to explore issues of textile waste within the second-hand clothing economy. Anika has launched the ReDesign Lab, a studio – lab hybrid with the intention of cross-pollinating science with design practices for innovative solutions for sustainable fashion including bio-design.

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