Bharti Patel

Child Rights and Social Justice Advocate  

- Justice In Fashion

Ms. Bharti Patel is a Child Rights and Social Justice Advocate and Ambassador for Justice in Fashion. A campaigner with a passion for making an impactful change to law, policy and practice on human rights, social, economic and environmental justice. Bharti has 20 years’ experience of leading highly influential charities working on human rights in the UK and India.  Her successes include influencing legislation and policy on protecting children and women against economic exploitation, trafficking and transnational sexual abuse, development of statutory and voluntary guidance on the Transparency in Supply Chain in the Modern Slavery Act and the introduction of the National Minimum Wage in the UK. In India, she supported community-led programmes to strengthen food, water and livelihood security for the most marginalised communities in rural India.  

An accomplished speaker, Bharti has been featured widely in national and international print and broadcast media, regularly quoted in articles on poverty, inequality and injustice, child rights and child protection.  ­­­­­­

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