Carla Heim

Senior Advisor, Purpose Entrepreneurship 

- Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Carla Heim is Senior Advisor, Sustainability & ESG at the BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada), the only bank in Canada dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs.

She is a leading figure in the national movement of entrepreneurs who use business as a force for good. i.e., they create for-profit companies that help build robust communities that are inclusively prosperous and climate resilient.  She is a national expert on B Corp certification and the B Impact assessment tool, and serves as the BDC / B Lab Partnership Lead. B Lab is the not-for-profit that is the creator of the international B Corp movement.  

Carla has thirty-plus years’ experience in owning, managing, advising and financing businesses.  She brings to entrepreneurs a singular mix of hands-on experience, deep expertise and – as a longstanding member of the national and global B Corp networks – knowledge of the latest, most innovative practices.

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